The Asian CSR Awards

Asian CSR Awards and Intel-AIM Corporate Responsbility Award winners of 2016 together with AFCSR stage party (LR): Dr. Jikyeong Kang, President and Dean, Asian Institute of Management; Dr. Arturo Corpuz, Board Member and Member of ALI Sustainability Committee, Ayala Land Inc., Philippines (Winner of Environment Excellency Category); Mrs. Vachree Prasatkretkran, Deputy Governor for Services, Metropolitan Waterworks Authority, Thailand (Winner of Education Improvement Category); Mr. V. Vijay Vardhan, Operations Manager for Social Investments, ITC Limited India (Winner of the Intel-AIM Corporate Responsibility Award); Dr. Anjan Ghosh, Corporate Affairs Director for the Greater Asia Region, Intel Corporation; Dato Timothy Ong, Chairman, AIM RVR Center and the 15th AFCSR; Mr. Yogendra Raghuwanshi, Unit HR Head, Indian Rayon India (Winner of Poverty Alleviation Category); Mrs. Runa Khan, Founder and Executive Director of Friendship Bangladesh (Winner of Health Enhancement Category); Mr. Hendro Poendjono, Director of Corporate Affairs, Royal FrieslandCampina, N.V. Singapore (Winner of CSR Impact Category) and Mr. Oscar J. Hilado Vice-Chairman of the AIM RVR Center. 



The Asian CSR Awards program recognizes organizations for embodying the principles of corporate responsibility in their business philosophy and operations. Awards are given for programs that achieve excellence in terms of services to stakeholders and innovative sustainable solutions to pressing social challenges.

Awardees should demonstrate the company’s leadership, sincerity and on-going commitment to incorporating ethical values, compliance with legal requirements, respect for individuals, involvement in communities and protection of the environment into the way they do business. The Awards categories are as follows:

  • Environmental Excellence
  • Education Improvement
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Health Enhancement

In addition, the Awards Committee may choose to recognize a particular program with a CSR Impact Award. The CSR Impact Award honors a program that has an on-going track record of significant sustainable impact and is innovative and replicable. It may be a combination of other categories stated earlier.

Intel-AIM Corporate Responsibility Award (IACRA)

The Intel - Asian Institute of Management Corporate Responsibility Award (IACRA) continues to recognize companies in that have embedded CSR into its operations and integrated CSR into its business. These companies should demonstrate that they are actively promoting CSR to both their internal and external stakeholders. The IACRA is not an award for a specific initiative or a single area.

The main criterion is that the organization has made CSR an integral part of the way they do business and has implemented CSR projects or programs that have a significant impact and are sustainable in all appropriate areas of operations. Furthermore, these companies should represent role models and exert positive influences on their stakeholders, their peers and their communities.

Now on its 14th year, the Asian CSR Awards program is presented by the Ramon V. del Rosario, Sr. Center for Corporate Social Responsibility, a research and program center within the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). It is the Center’s belief that CSR can be truly sustainable only when it is integrated into the company’s business model and is regarded as fundamental to strategy.

The recipients of this year’s Asian CSR Awards are the following:

Environmental Excellence: Ayala Land, Inc.’s Native Landscapes for Site Resilience and Urban Diversity. Ayala Land is the largest property developer in the Philippines. The company’s Native Landscapes for Site Resilience and Urban Biodiversity program uses native plants in real estate projects, promoting biodiversity, ensuring presence of ecosystem services in project sites, and ensuring site resilience to extreme weather conditions. The program has been implemented in 13 large-scale, mixed-use estates and is set to be replicated in 55 growth centers in the Philippines, where Ayala Land’s developments are located.

Education Improvement: Metropolitan Waterworks Authority’s MWA Plumbers for People. Metropolitan Waterworks Authority, a state enterprise providing quality water to residents in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, and Samutprakan, launched the MWA Plumbers for People Project in 2014. The project was an opportunity to raise awareness on the value of natural resources, while providing knowledge and skills training to community volunteer plumbers in repairing water equipment in private and public spaces. A total of 613 participants from 432 communities have since graduated from the program.

Poverty Alleviation: Indian Rayon’s Integrated Agriculture Development Project. Indian Rayon, a member of the Aditya Birla Group, recognized that farm land productivity has been decreasing due to water scarcity and decreased soil fertility. To address these, the company trained farmers to carry out organic farming and adopt best practices. This was supplemented by the provision of a high-yielding variety of wheat seeds, soil-testing processes to improve soil fertility, and water availability through farm well recharge techniques. Ultimately, the farmers’ incomes were augmented through increased wheat productivity. The program is operated in 29 villages in India, with more than 35,000 farmers participating each year since 2013.

Health Enhancement: Friendship’s Lifebuoy Friendship Hospital. Friendship is an organization that has been working for 15 years in Bangladesh, taking development initiatives to hard-to-reach communities, providing them with healthcare, education, financial assistance, governance, and disaster management assistance. The Lifebuoy Friendship Hospital has been the flagship project of Friendship since 2002, providing essential primary healthcare to impoverished communities in the remote areas of northern Bangladesh. Since then, over 4.2 million people have access to Friendship’s health service. A total of 425 clinic days per month are delivered by both satellite and static clinics, with 505 Friendship Community Medic Aides in place.

CSR Impact Award: Royal FrieslandCampina N.V.’s Dairy Development Program. Royal FrieslandCampina is the world’s largest dairy cooperative and is one of the top five dairy companies in the world, with an annual revenue of 11.4 billion euros. The company’s Dairy Development Program aims to improve the dairy production of farmers through a variety of activities, which include establishing a holistic milk collection system; providing technical services, high quality training, and consultation programs to farmers; setting up incentive schemes and quality control and assurance from farm to factory; and building good relationships with local farmers, government, and communities. The company has worked with over 45,000 farmers in Asia and is looking to get the younger generation interested in agricultural entrepreneurship by improving economic prospects.

Intel-AIM Corporate Responsibility Award: ITC Limited. ITC is one of India’s largest FMCG, agricultural, and paperboards businesses, critically dependent on agriculture for raw materials. The company has four programs which are intended to address specific agricultural concerns, but when taken as a whole, provide mutually reinforcing solutions to small landowners who live with limited resources and are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. These programs include: (1) the Social & Farm Forestry Program, where ITC provides small landowners with viable livelihoods, allowing them to create indigenous, renewable, and cost-effective raw material sources for ITC’s Paper & Paperboards and Packaging Businesses; (2) the Integrated Watershed Development Program, which together with its implementation partners, ITC helped form Water User Groups that work to implement soil and moisture conversion measures, build and maintain water-harvesting structures to reverse land degradation, increase critical irrigation, and raise agricultural productivity; (3) the e-Choupal Platform, with e-Choupals acting as a network of village internet kiosks that allow farmers to access real-time price and weather information, as well as information on best practices and agronomic techniques. These kiosks are managed by a lead farmer who helps train other farmers to access the information and services provided by the platform; and (4) the Livestock and Dairy Program that aims to genetically upgrade low-yielding indigenous cattle to produce cross-bred progeny with much higher milk yields, eventually converting an existing asset into a source of substantial supplementary income with the sale of milk surpluses. 

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