Mr. Diosdado "Dado" BanataoSilicon Valley-based, award-winning technopreneur, enterprise builder and a Forbes Asia “Hero of Philanthropy"

A son of a rice farmer and a housekeeper from a small village in the Philippines, Dado had no access to electricity and walked barefoot to his school as a child. He graduated cum laude with a degree in electrical engineering and eventually joined Philippine Airlines as a trainee pilot, and was later hired by Boeing as a design engineer.

After completing his MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University, Dado worked for several technology companies. He founded three technology startups and is credited as the inventor of two of the foundation technologies in every personal computer today.

Dado is Chairman of Philippine Development Foundation, an organization which seeks to translate science and technology education into innovation and entrepreneurship. He is also Managing Partner of Tallwood Venture Capital, a venture firm focused on semiconductor technology solutions.


Founder, Philippine Development Foundation