Dr. Bradley GooginsProfessor Emeritus, Caroll School of Business, Boston College, USA

Dr. Bradley K. Googins is executive director emeritus of the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship and a Professor in Organizational Studies at the Boston College’s Carroll School of Management. Prior to this he was a Professor for over 20 years at Boston University Graduate School of Social Work and founded the Center for Work & Family which now resides at Boston College. He was also selected as a National Kelogg Leadership Fellow from 1989-1992. His research and writing has focused broadly on the area of the role of business in society, ranging from issues of work life balance to corporate citizenship. His books include Beyond Good Company: Next Generation Corporate Citizenship (2007), and Work Family Conflicts: Private Lives- Public Responses (1991). He is currently conducting research in the areas of responsible leadership, employee engagement and social innovation and entrepreneurship.


Professor Emeritus, Caroll School of Business, Boston College, USA