Participate in an event that promotes the sharing of best practices, as well as opportunities for partnerships and scaling and replicating CSR programs.
Asia's Foremost CSR Conference

The AFCSR is an annual conference by the AIM-RVR Center that encourages interaction and heightened environmental and social awareness among key players in the corporate world.
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Explore ways to develop more strategic CSR initiatives, aligning “doing good” with business objectives.
Gain Insights from Across the Globe

Now on its 15th year, the conference has been hosted in seven of Asia’s major destinations and attended by more than 5,700 delegates from 53 countries.
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Engage with experts and colleagues to find more meaningful ways to create value for both the business and your respective communities.
Learn from the experts

Built from the ground up, our conference theme is supported by an underlying framework and fitted with knowledgeable speakers, each an expert in their own field.
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Join the elite group of 130 companies from 17 countries that have been nominated for the prestigious Intel-AIM Corporate Responsibility Award that began in 2007.
Be Inspired to Make a Difference

Since its inception thirteen years ago, over 1,200 companies from 26 countries have nominated their most innovative projects for the Asian CSR Awards.
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